I am a Hackerearth campus evangelist in my college i.e. NIT Hamirpur. A Hackerearth campus evangelist is the person who is responsible for organizing programming contests on Hackerearth, promoting hackerearth activities in college. Hackerearth Campus chapter in NIT Hamirpur was started by Giriraj Sharma(CSE, 2011-15 Batch). Since then, our campus chapter has organized many online and offline events to promote programming culture in our college.

Benefits of being a campus ambassador

Being an active campus ambassador, it benefits you a lot in many ways.

  • Most important, you get a chance to organize programming contests on one of the biggest online programming platform in India. You have to set the problems which would be asked in contest and it takes a great time and lot of hard work to frame a problem.
  • You have to communicate with the people working in hackerearth in written as well as oral means. This improves your communication skills a lot.
  • You get lots of free goodies like T-shirts and many other things from hackerearth regularly :p.

Organizing a contest on Hackerearth

Organizing a contest on hackerearth is quite an easy task. Hackerearth provides you an recruiter's account to hold contests on hackerearth. With this account comes an admin console which is used to create tests, maintain test settings and many other things. You can create and hold a contest any time you want. Whenever you create a public contest, it gets published online on College Challenges page. You can set up any number of programming questions. You can also ask Objective questions in the contest.
Everything I have told yo so far seems easy. The toughest job is setting up the programming questions. This is one task which requires perfection.
First all, you have to design a nice and tricky problem. Then you have to generate the test cases which are used to test the participants' solutions for the given problem. While generating test cases, you have to take care of all the problem constraints, all the special cases which could make the problem a tricky and irritating one. Moreover, you have to write the best solution to your problem so that you can set the time limits such that only the best submissions could get accepted.

Support from Hackerearth for college contests

Apart from providing you with a platform to hold worldwide online contests, hackerearth supports every public contest you organize. Hackerearth awards prizes to the winners of the contest. These prizes vary according to the total number of participants in your contest.
For example, if your contest sees a participation of 400 or more people, then the first winner of the contest gets a hackerearth T-shirt, a pen drive and Book my show coupons.
Moreover, one problem setter of the contest gets a t-shirt too.

So, if your college does not have Hackerearth Campus Chapter and you want one in your college, you can simply write to Saiyona@hackerearth.com.

Thanks for reading!

Rohan Jaswal

Software Engineer at Udemy. Playing around with Python, Java and stuff!


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