I know it is quite late to write a blog post on an event that was held almost a month ago. But, It would be wrong of me if I don’t share my experience with my friends. Mozilla Maker party was held at NIT Hamirpur on the eve of Software freedom Day i.e. September 19, 2015. This was the second biggest event by Mozilla in NIT Hamirpur.

NITH was geared up for Software freedom Day celebrations. GLUG-NITH had made all the preparations for SFD celebrations and Maker Party. We organized various workshops, sessions on various things related to the world of Open Source Software. The second half of the day was dedicated for the Maker Party. Students were introduced to Mozilla and its mission. There were talks on various products of Mozilla. Special sessions were there on X-ray goggles, Thimble and Popcorn Maker. The level of excitement for these tools was very high in the enthusiastic first year students.

The Maker party involved many newbies in the mozilla community. I hope to see more contributions to Mozilla from NITH in near future and wish that these kind of events keep happening in the beautiful campus of NITH. I thank MozPacers for sponsoring the event. Cheers Mozilla!

Rohan Jaswal

Software Engineer at Goldcast. Playing around with Python, Java and stuff!